Photos 2012



These are some Photos of Me from last year (June 26th 2012)

These were some photos done of Me in Mayfield Park with the Peacocks for a CD Cover





I love the Peacocks here, they will let you get close enough to touch them.

I can relate a lot to Peacocks, I like to dress flamboyany and stand out in a crowd too, haha!!!


And I love my name very much, you can see my initials on my belt buckle, my necklace, my name is on my guitar strao and also on the fretboard of my guitar.

I like the color Red, it is the symbol of Passion & Love, as well as Power.


If you look close at the carvings in my guitar -Juliet- you will notice that’s ME carved into the guitar serenading the girl up in the balcony.

Me on the porch of the historic house in Mayfield Park. Those are my favorite style shoes, ankle boots with side zippers and 2″ Cuban Heels.

It was pretty hot the day these photos were taken, and the material of those fabrics is pretty thick, but I will do about anything to get good images, I love to have my pictures taken!

You can also tell I was inspired by late 1986 – 1993 glam rock fashion, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, SRV, even people back in the 17th century Mozart, Bach, and aristocrats, I have some eclectic tastes and I am a eccentric person.

These last few on this page were taken up on Mount Bonnel as the Sun was starting to set.