When I’m not dresssed like a Rockstar, I am dressed more like a CEO, haha!

When I dress conservative like this, I like to wear Ralph Lauren button down Polo Shirts. I always like to wear long sleeve shirts, even in the summer time.


If a girl dosen’t like my facial hair, I am willing to shave it off for her :)

I like to have my hair razor cut, in layers, and I like to add just a few blonde highlites here and there to give it that natural sun kissed look. Charlie Hodges at Salon Sovay on South 1st is the only man in Austin  I let touch my hair. Some people say my hair is long in this photo, but I disagree, I used to have hair that went halfway down my back, so to me this is very short. I have a long & narrow facial shape, so a longer hairstyle like this with bangs looks better on me. I’ve tried my hair shorter than this before, and trust me, it wasn’t better.


The photo above is me standing in the Gazebo downtown. I need to lose about 15 or 20 pounds in my stomach as you can see in this side view in the photo. I wear a size 36 pants and would like to wear 34 again. I would like to lose 15 pounds or so and get back down to about 180 pounds.


Me standing in front of the Capital building downtown.

Me sitting on a bench near the Capital.


Me with the Canon 5D Mark II camera


Me on the corner of Congress & 6th. It was windy & messed my hair up.